Support MDI SAR

MDI SAR is an all volunteer organization. We rely on member dues, grants, and monetary contributions from the community to cover operating expenses.

Each year we must repair or replace rescue equipment and send our members to specialized training courses to ensure that we are properly equipped and trained for emergency response.

Typical costs for training and equipment for search and rescue are as follows:

  • Radio repair or replacement: $300 - $800 per radio
  • Replacement rescue rope: $275 per rope
  • Wilderness First Response emergency medical training: $750 per person
  • Advanced technical rescue training: $500 - $750 per person

Donations to MDI SAR are tax deductable. Donate now by clicking the button below.

Donations to MDI SAR can also be sent to the following address:

MDI Search and Rescue
PO Box 493
Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

We thank all of the members of the community who have contributed over the years. Your support makes a difference.